Will Boone: Rough and Red-y

Will Boone: Rough and Red-y

Will Boone is a Texan-born artist who moved to New York before Los Angeles, where he now lives and works. It’s not really surprising then, that one of fine arts’ rising stars never has Americana far from his mind…

Finding inspiration in the streets around where he lives, Boone repeats and abstracts his gleaned ideas to speak a visual language all of his own. His paintings riff on traditional sign writing, pushing the hand-painted alphabet into bold, dirty abstraction. Roughly painted black and red letterforms interlock and overlay, becoming strange occult symbols, which can’t quite be read.

Artist Will Boone

He sprays up shapes in neon orange, hieroglyphs inspired by hobo fence-post etching. His work always reminds you what it’s made of, mostly rough canvas, MDF and unconventional paints laid on thick. It drips and cracks. His work walks a difficult line between rustic naivety and fine art seriousness. He deals in simple ideas, developing and perfecting them over many years. He has a talent for grabbing moments of American grime and crystallising their essence for the audience.

For the Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York he took the humble doghouse as a starting point, repeating and deconstructing that most familiar form until it achieved a totally sculptural status. In 2016, he took up residency for 2 months in an L.A. house reserved normally for filming, which Mario visited and photographed. Boone’s works filled every room, and explored the strange tone of American storytelling.


Will Boone showing the Doghouse project

Photograph © Mario Testino, Artworks © Will Boone