Passinho In Rio

What happens when funk, hip-hop, break dancing and the samba meet? The answer is passinho – the new dance movement of Brazil. With staccato stomach-popping and frantic footwork, the dance was born inside the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and has since exploded through YouTube. Dance-offs around the city are fraught with rivalry and flickering limbs, as groups compete to have their unique strand of passinho become the defining style.

With stars like Beyoncé now interpreting passinho on a global stage, its soaring success is undeniable. In impromptu competitions, the streets of Rio shake with the stomps of passinho dancers, with new and inventive spins on the style being born every day. Mira Mira visited Rio recently, and sampled out the best that passinho has to offer. Featuring the ‘Dream Team do Passinho’, alongside Iguinho Imperador, take a look and see if you can keep up.