Hello, We Must Be Going

Hello, We Must Be Going

Mario’s two photography assistants, Alex Waltl and Jakob Storm, sit down with us to talk through the highs and lows of being on the road, and what they’ve enjoyed the most from the last season. Then we turn our heads to the new season.


How would you describe last season in three words?

AW: Challenging, busy but very exciting.
JS: Yeah, that’s a good way to describe it.

What was your favourite moment from the last season’s journey?

AW: Oh, damn. So many good memories, there have been plenty of funny and exciting moments. It’s hard to pick one out, I guess.
JS: One of my favourite moments was when Mario took me to Seville during Easter to document the procession. The atmosphere is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, it’s incredible.
AW: I think for me, it was starting this year off with the issue of Australian Vogue. We went to Australia and shot the variety of the country, and at the end of the shoot we took a helicopter flight above Sydney. We flew over the harbour and the long coast – it was the most incredible thing. We took pictures from the helicopter, and it was one of my favourite moments for sure, because Sydney is one of my favourite cities.

Photo Credit: Alex and Jakob

Photographs © Alex Waltl and Jakob Storm

What was your most challenging moment from last season’s journey?

AW: It’s always challenging when we have a big shoot the next day and bags don’t show up, or cameras don’t work… it means we have to improvise and make it look like everything is fine, while hiding equipment failures or missing bags! But apart from that, we generally have a really good time, and we always help each other out.

What do you guys listen to while on set?

AW: Most of the time we listen to the same playlist whilst on a shoot until we are over it and move on to the next, I’ll give you the link of one if you like.



Which city did you have the best time in last season?

AWI used to live in New York for 6 years, and I always love going back there, to see all my friends, just being in my old neighbourhood. So yeah, I’d have to say New York.
JSFor me, I guess it was Copenhagen, because I’m from there. And, also just for being able to show Mario and the rest of the team the city. We went there in the summer which is when Copenhagen is at its best. There are so many amazing restaurants and bars, and the waterfront during this time is incredible.

The first shoot of the new season was in the Alps, can you tell us more about it?

AW: So the shoot was on top of a glacier and required us to take a trip up to 3800 metres. It was incredible. Because of the nature of the glacier there was always the possibility one of us could fall down a crevice, so we had to be roped to each other at all times. So, in case someone falls down, at least we all die! (Laughs) But no, jokes aside it was an incredible experience and a very unusual place to shoot.
JS: And also a difficult place to shoot, because you really feel the lack of oxygen when you walk or you are lifting stuff or running around –  you just can’t do that in that environment.
AW: You really have to step back, and give yourself more time than you actually have to do things, otherwise you soon become out of breath. It was a new experience for us shooting in these extreme conditions! 




All Photographs © Alex Waltl (@alex_wtb), Jakob Storm (@stormcph) and Barwerd van der Plas (@barwerdvanderplas)