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9. MATE - Museo Mario Testino

MT: I feel that I have a big longing to go back home. Even when I talk about Peru, I get that knot in my throat where you don’t know if you’re gonna burst out crying. There’s this feeling I have, that I have to give back to my country, because a lot of what I am comes from there. My taste, my exposure. I feel lucky that my parents could send me here to study, so I’m trying to take things to Peru that open people’s minds. When I was there, I couldn’t take public
transport, because I liked to wear platform shoes, and wear flower trousers, and midriff T-shirts. I think I must have looked really weird… but people can’t control that, they can’t help it. I also want to be able to help the way Peru and my community think, so that they can be more open, more accepting, more tolerant. That was what I found in this country, which made me stay here. Art helps you see things in different ways, and it makes it easier for people to accept.