We celebrate the cover stars of Man About Town’s 10th Anniversary Edition, Jared Leto and Neymar Jr., with an exclusive look at their shoots by Mario Testino.


JL: Fear is a great teacher and fear is what gets you up the mountain. Fear can speed you up or slow you down. Fear is a really great thing! It’s a shame we’re not taught that. It pushes us to do things we wouldn’t.


NJ: We Brazilians have “ginga” and “malemolência” as we say over here. We like to dribble and to play beautifully. It’s that kind of happy football that we like.

NJ: Every time I think about my childhood I think about my family, friends, and football. Nothing has changed.

JL: People never knew where to place [Thirty Seconds to Mars]. We’ve always been in our own lane.


JL: I never think about the Oscar as a nice thing to receive. I think about the opportunity I have to stand on that stage in front of the world and shine that light that was shining on me on other things.

NJ: Seeing my name on the Eiffel Tower on my presentation day for the PSG club was one of the best emotions of my life. My family was very proud. It was unforgettable.



JL: If I saw an opportunity I would do anything to make sure there was equality and diversity. I’ve done that as an entrepreneur, as a musician. It’s not that hard. It’s not like it takes some Herculean effort on my behalf.


NJ: It’s incredible! [Mario] works with passion and you can see that through his photos. He has an eye for art.
 The photo shoot was kinda crazy, and took place in a car.


Neymar Jr., Paris, Man About Town, 2017

Photographs © Mario Testino for Man About Town