Mad About Freedom

Life on the road isn’t for everyone. For every glamorous hotel jaunt, there are hair-pulling days on set. But for Mario, the life of a travelling photographer is the only one giving him unimaginable freedom. We caught up with him in Berlin to discuss how he finds the day-to-day changes and plane rides more liberating than anything else.


What’s the best part of being a photographer?

MT: The biggest gift of my profession is that it allows me to be me. Of course, I have to work within the requirements of my clients and certain limitations. But at the end of the day when I’m working I’m free to express what I want, with whom I want, which I find so important. I think that the fashion world provides a lot of space to be free, for people to dress how they want to, to act how they want to, to live how they want to.

You have travelled almost everywhere in the world. What city makes you feel the most free?

MT: I think that some cities limit you, and some cities leave a lot open to you. I found a lot of freedom in London when I first came, I felt that people were very tolerant – as long as you didn’t interfere with them they didn’t interfere with you. And then I started spending time in these other cities like Berlin. Berlin is one of the places I feel the most free mentally, because it’s an art hub, so you have a lot of artists doing whatever they want without any limit of expression. Also, Rio de Janeiro for many years has given me a physical freedom – you can be almost naked in the street, go to the bank almost naked and go to the supermarket almost naked because it’s so hot! So it’s a mixture of physical freedom and mental freedom.

Except from photography, is there something in your life that gives you the feeling of freedom?

MT: Biking gives me freedom… you don’t have to stop a taxi, get in a car, go through lights, I mean it’s just completely different. And it does give you the possibility of looking around more, it exposes you more.

Favourite cities to bike in?

MT: Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin.