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Alan Poma: Enemy Of The Stars

Alan Poma: Enemy Of The Stars

Some artists tread softly, others speak loudly; Alan Poma has a language all of his own. There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ Alan Poma work, as his works of art meld opera with science; sound with dizzying visuals.

Building ambitious stage sets to accompany his audio-visual displays, Poma enjoys welding these different worlds to create his own. Whether it’s his reimaginings of a Russian Opera, or his playful spins on Andean culture, few can match the multidisciplinary wizardry of Poma.


Installation views, Alan Poma, MATE, 2017

Having studied Science and Arts Communication at the Pontifical Catholic University in Lima, Poma became fascinated by his futurological studies. His work explores how these become intertwined with our cultural past. Poma infuses all his work with a plethora of illusions from art history, and the works appear outside of time, artefacts which are both unmistakably human, yet told from an unfamiliar perspective.

Mira Mira caught up with the Peruvian artist during his residency at the Delfina Foundation last year.


His latest work, Enemy of the Stars developed at the Foundation and inspired by English Voricism is now on display at MATE – Museo Mario Testino until 4 June 2017.